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Assessing the Need for Spark Professional

Below are some individual's difficulties and how the need can be addressed with Spark Professional:


Has difficulties with the structure and layout of notes/writing and reports.


Highly visual graphical idea maps allows the user to see very clearly how their ideas will fit together.


Has always had difficulties producing papers/reports.


Idea map and writing are produced side by side so that the user can instantly see the document and re-structure it by changing the idea map.


Can get distracted if there is “too much going on”.


Spark Professional is the best planning & productivity tool. Brainstorm ideas, structure your thoughts and visually communicate concepts with the map and document all in one program.


Has tried to use mind mapping in the past but spends more time creating the mind map than the work associated with it.


In Split Screen View the document is created simultaneously with the idea map so all work is productive.


Has difficulties with short term memory and processing information and finds it difficult to remember the full scale of a concept and see the piece as a whole.


Idea map can be tilted and rotated in 3D allowing the user to see even large maps in their entirety, thus reducing the amount of information that needs to be held in short term memory.


Finds it difficult to communicate and present knowledge.


Present your work with the built-in presentation mode. Use the unique 3D rotation feature to animate moving from slide to slide.



Professional Idea Mapping Software

For more information on our software packages, you can view our visual thinking and learning video demonstrations, download a FREE 30 Day trial, or get in touch with Spark Professional for details of an assessor copy.

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